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SeqFirst created six short educational modules to help explain what participating in SeqFirst looks like for families, including information about whole genome sequencing. These modules are part of the enrollment process for families in the SeqFirst "Newborns" program.

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Participant Tasks

Learn more about what it looks like to be a participant in the SeqFirst “Newborns” program.

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Genetic Testing

Learn more about whole genome sequencing.

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Genetic Test Results

Learn more about the types of results that participants might receive.

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Learn more about privacy related to genetic test results.

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Data Sharing and Future Studies

Learn more about how participant data is handled in SeqFirst.

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Is SeqFirst a Good Fit for My Family?

Learn more about things to consider as a possible participant in SeqFirst.

Introduction to Genetics

Learn about DNA and whole genome sequencing.

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Genetics Glossary

Find genetics related words.

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More Resources

Resources by scientists, clinicians, and family support groups

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